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Rainbow over Sophievsky Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine (panaramka / Adobe Stock)

Triumph, Rebellion And The Ancient History Of Ukraine

Ukraine has always been a complicated place, with one foot in the West and the other in the East, resulting in a unique tension as a constantly contested borderland, a battleground, pitting the tribes of Europe against the expansionist dynasties of Asia, whose first taste of Europe has always been the frontiers of this lush and beautiful country. In recent times this phenomenon has unfortunately returned, but there is also much to learn about the spirit of Ukrainians from the annals of its ancient history. Ukraine has been host to some remarkable civilizations, displaying creativity, innovation, endurance, and knack for resistance to outside invaders. 

 Pottery figure representing a Trypillian house (Public Domain)

Pottery figure representing a Trypillian house (Public Domain)

Pre-Historic Ukraine: The Trypillian Culture

Ukraine’s earliest inhabitants can be traced back to the Paleolithic period, between 200,000 and 8000 BC. Stone Age settlements have been excavated by archaeologists across the length and breadth of Ukraine, and can be found most commonly along the Dnieper and Dniester Rivers. As the Paleolithic transitioned into the Neolithic, the natives of Ukraine slowly gave up their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and began adopting agriculture as their main source of subsistence around 5000 BC.

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