The Birth of Christmas: How Ancient Cultures Shaped Our Holiday

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Wednesday December 20, 2017 3:15pm EST
Ashley Cowie
The Birth of Christmas: How Ancient Cultures Shaped Our Holiday | In-Depth Interview with Ashley Cowie

Are you reenacting ancient rituals each year? History says yes! At Christmas time, why do we decorate a tree? Why do we eat certain foods? Is this Pagan? How far back does this all go?

As you celebrate Christmas, explore with Scottish historian, author, and documentary filmmaker Ashley Cowie the truly ancient origins of Christmas, food rituals, and religious traditions, as he explains why the beliefs of ancient cultures determine much of what we celebrate and eat today.

Always compelling, and sometimes controversial, history reveals that Christmas has deep roots in the ancient world. Tune in to Ancient Origins Premium for this In-Depth Interview with Ashley Cowie.

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