Breaking Bread with the Vikings - An Academy of Taste Webinar

Ancient Origins IRAQ Tour

Saturday April 25, 2020 2:00pm EST
Alicia McDermott
Alicia McDermott

What kept the Vikings going during hard times?

In a world filled with uncertainty and worries about tomorrow, you may wonder what’s the point in thinking about who came before us, how they lived and died, or what they ate. The future is where we’re headed, why bother considering the ways of our ancestors, right?

I disagree. Apart from the debt we owe to our predecessors for helping us to be here now, we also can find comfort and knowledge about them and ourselves by exploring their/our traditions, their wisdom, their resilience in the face of hardships, their creativity, and the stories they have left behind.

We can read their tales and admire their art, but why stop there? Let’s explore their music, festivals, and even eat their food! We can bring them back to life, if just for a moment, to celebrate their diversity, creativity, and humanity. Reconnecting with our ancient origins is a great source of comfort, strength, and perhaps even amusement! They were us, so when we learn from their achievements and mistakes, we also learn about ourselves.

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