Brutus of Troy & the Myth of Britain's Trojan Origins

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Tuesday January 23, 2018 4:00pm EST
Anthony Adolph
Brutus of Troy & the Myth of Britain's Trojan Origins

Who Founded London? What’s the REAL HISTORY of Giant-Slaying Brutus of Troy?

Britain's most potent origin myth tells how Brutus of Troy led descendants of survivors of the Trojan War in a voyage to Britain, where they killed the giants who lived here and founded London as the 'New Troy' in the west.  Mainstream academia has long since dismissed the story as being untrue.  Yet many people today believe the opposite.  

Anthony AdolphIn this webinar, Anthony Adolph, professional genealogist and author of 'Brutus of Troy and the Quest for the Ancestry of the Origins of the British' (Pen and Sword, 2015), addresses the history head-on, examining the lack of evidence for Trojans in Britain and explains how Brutus's story was worked up in the Dark Ages out of nothing more than the name of Britain itself.  Yet it is only by releasing Brutus's myth from the unrealistic expectation of it being true that we can truly appreciate it in all its dazzling glory!

Don’t miss special guest Anthony Adolph in this engaging AO PREMIUM webinar.

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