The Cygnus Key: A Chance to Meet the Denisovans - The True Founders of Civilization

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Saturday June 30, 2018 4:00pm EST
Andrew Collins
The Cygnus Key: A Chance to Meet the Denisovans - The True Founders of Civilization

How did civilization arise, and was it gifted to humanity in some manner?

Two popular theories seem to provide answers. One is that civilization arose as a result of the survivors of sunken Atlantis reaching foreign shores, bringing with them remnants of their high technology and profound ancient wisdom.

The other is that the greatest civilizations on earth arose through either direct or indirect intervention from aliens.

Yet today we have a third alternative; this being that civilization was gifted to us by an advanced human society that had developed an increased level of technological and spiritual development even before the majority of our ancestors departed Africa around 50,000-60,000 years ago! We speak of the Denisovans, whose existence was not even known about until the genome of a finger bone from the Denisova Cave in Siberia was sequenced in 2010. Exploration has shown that before vanishing from the pages of prehistory some 40,000 years ago the Denisovans achieved an extraordinary level of development—in fact, the Denisovans might well have recorded the motions of the celestial bodies, including long-term eclipse cycles, which they used to create numerical systems involving key numbers such as 54, 108, 216 and 432 preserved to this day in cosmological myths and legends, as well as in sacred architecture, all around the world.

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