A Journey into Northern Myth, Ritual, Runes and Cosmology

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Thursday November 23, 2017 5:00pm EST
Andreas Kornevall
A Journey into Northern Myth, Ritual, Runes and Cosmology - Webinar

Myth; Ritual; Runes; Glean insight into the Northern myth-world!

Andreas Kornevall joins AO Premium to present the Norse creation myth and the story that lies at the very heart of Norse mythology: the Birth of Wisdom. He will reveal the relationship between the runes and the Norse creation myth, and will discuss ancient rune amulets such as the ancient bracteates and runes stones.  Join us to discover theories of how rune amulets were used magically, and what influenced the magician who worked with them throughout the thousand-year history of runic writing.  It will be a journey that will take us to ancient mystery cults and to lost star constellations.  Much of this material has never before been translated into English. This compelling webinar will be a combination of storytelling, lecture and discussion.

Andreas is able to offer one-to-one sessions of his study material for those interested, please contact: [email protected] for more details. | AndreasKornevall.com

Andreas Kornevall grew up in South America, Sweden, and Switzerland.  He spent several years volunteering with charities around the world, after which, he co-founded www.workingabroad.com —a non-profit volunteering and travelling site, which has sent thousands of volunteers across the world.  He also directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity, which aims to enhance ecological integrity, by planting new woodlands around the world. www.earthrestorationservice.org  In response to the sixth mass extinction he co-founded the Life Cairn movement: memorials for species rendered extinct at human hands: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Life_Cairn

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