Magick - The International Language of Religion

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Tuesday April 11, 2017 4:00pm EST
Mogg Morgan
Magick - The International Language of Religion

There was no word for “religion” in Ancient Egypt. What we call religion was obviously for them a natural state, something so self-evidently human that it did not require a special word. If the Egyptians had had a word for religion it might have been ‘magick’.

In his premier Talk to an Expert Chat with Ancient Origins Premium, researcher and author Mogg Morgan joins us to speak on Magick — the international language of religion, from its origins in Egypt and Asia to its modern re-imagining.

Mogg Morgan is a respected independent scholar, former Wellcome student, and holder of an advanced degree in Oriental Studies from University of Oxford.

He is the author of several books on Egypt, specializing in folk religion, ritual calendars and the “archaeological memory” encoded in the religions of post pharaonic Egypt.  He is also an Indologist, interested in the philosophy and technology of India, especially Ayurvedic medicine, and folk magic traditions.

Learn more in his book “Phi-Neter: The Power of the Egyptian Gods”, and at his website Astro Egypt - Khemetic research & Sky Religion

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