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Linda M. Tello, Ph.D., P.E.

Linda is proud to be a Latina engineer and first generation American with indigenous ancestry of the Pijaos from the Andes of Colombia. Since obtaining her Bachelors of Science in engineering, she has worked for private and government entities specializing in interdisciplinary engineering arenas. After working in these arenas for approximately 15 years, through her doctoral dissertation: Theorizing the State of Health Practices and Climate in Construction via Fourfold Structuration, she demonstrates it is possible to successfully integrate native and western approaches, often thought to be at odds, to develop more robust and holistic engineering solutions.

Her recognition of our need to be more creative with our solutions motivated Linda to give Pachamama (Mother Nature) a larger platform with regard to how environmental and sustainable engineering projects are approached. Thus, Whole Earth Engineering: Environmental and Sustainability Consulting, LLC was born. By integrating native and western approaches, Linda assists clients in the development of innovative quality and on-time solutions that are in alignment with and are respectful to the Earth.

During her “free” time Linda can be found wandering in nature with her dog, Mr. Oliver, who reminds her and continually teaches her the importance of stopping to smell the flowers.


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