Arguments for Making Travel More Meaningful

There is one place in Taman Sari, Yogyakarta as an idol place for tourists to style. Because it is very favorite, in this area as a place to go through, there is always a long line of people who want to style or just connect to the other side of Taman Sari.

Java Trip There is also an ice cream shop that has the name Mad Pops in Bali which is always crowded with visitors. This shop is not big and there is a side street in Canggu in the area, the line is always visible at this place. Visitors not only have to favor ice cream, but also to style under neon write "Ice Ice Baby" on Mad Pops.

As more people travel, the arguments behind it increase in variety. One of them is the importance of having a picture in some famous places with the intention of changing into a reminder or for distribution on social media.

Poto is certainly important. This is a memory record of what we see and feel. However, from a matter which is thought to be the same as complete, at present the photo has already turned into a special interest, an obligation. Because rather than the beginning, when the photos can only be enjoyed by individuals or families through the album, now we can share with whom and then by displaying it on our social media accounts.


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