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Technology and History are my weakness or strength based on perspective coming into knowing me. I am open to alternate views and theories with many of the things I enjoy, being mainly science, religion, and hitsory. I like to study religions and have learnt which I suscribe to my own spiritual beliefs as a result and therein are parts of many religions. The message of doing good by others is consistent in all and something I strive to do in each day I live. I am open to "perhaps" and "maybe" when it comes to discusions about history and science. We know so little of so much that surely all possibilities are...well possible. In the long history of the universe and beyond and even more closely to the history of our own planet...we have a small view of what is fact and again all possibilities are possible. Science is also an area of the 'possible possibilities' as well. With good and stay open to what is possible.


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