What Business Can Learn From Ancient Bushmen

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Wednesday October 26, 2022 1:00pm EST
Coenie Middel
What Business Can Learn From Ancient Bushmen

DNA studies of the Bushmen date to over 22, 000 years. Somehow, this culture found a balance between sustainability, their environment, hunting, gathering and living, that made them unbelievably successful and enduring. All aspects of life are interconnected, not considered in isolation but as part of the whole. The world is believed to be an integral whole and indigenous knowledge incorporates all aspects of life - spirituality, history, cultural practices, social interactions, language, and healing.

Join Coenie Middel as he discuss the balance between indigenous knowledge, modern science and technology. Doing more, with less and sharing how businesses can learn from the wisdom of the Kalahari Bushmen. “I am not saying that we should trade our modern life for something simpler or tech-free, however, what can we as business owners and bigger organizations draw from the ancient wisdom of the Kalahari Bushmen?”

In Bushmen culture there is no gender-inequality. In fact all things all equal in nature, including plants, animals and humans.  Decisions are taken by mutual consensus, as there are no leadership hierarchies.  There is no place for egotistical behaviour, as they live in harmony with their environment and a collective memory is passed on to younger generations.

Burn-out has just been recognized as a major mental health threat by the World Health organization. The Bushmen’s diet and relaxed lifestyle has protected them from stress-related illnesses. Although their culture is over 22,000 years old, the Bushmen are masters at adaption and incorporate sustainability into their survival secrets.


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As the founder of Middel & Partners one of the most inspiring accountancy practices in the world, Coenie Middel expanded his business interest and creates virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile apps and games through his media and technology companies. He is the chairman of companies Middel & Partners, Talent Plantation, MocapSA, Dondoo Studios, Createcinteractive, Tixsa, Left Post Productions, Oxyg3n. He spent months living with the Bushmen, learning their skills and secrets.



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