AO Magazine July August 2023

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AO Magazine July August 2023

Step into a world where fashion transcends time and history is woven into every garment. In this issue, we explore the captivating realm of beauty, style, and fashion throughout history. From extreme practices of traditional body modification to the opulent (and sometimes dangerous) choices of style icons such as Elizabeth I, the history of fashion reveals its complexities to us. Whether you see these styles and concepts of beauty as alluring, bizarre, or even gruesome, they’re never boring!

We expose the ways rulers and cultures have controlled access to certain clothing items, such as purple togas and the use of veils, and showcase ten unique fashion choices from history. You’ll discover the intricate hair rituals of the Himba people, in which every hairstyle carries significance and provides clues to a person’s identity, and be amazed by how people used to perceive plastic surgery.

Dive deep into fascinating fashion trends with our in-depth interviews with historical fashion experts Judith Arnopp and Elizabeth Semmelhack, as they discuss what it takes to dress like a Tudor and the remarkable history and cultural significance of shoes, respectively. Unlock the secrets of timeless beauty with our ancestors’ favorite natural skin and hair care treatments and immerse yourself in the strange and wonderful stories that the world of ancient fashion has to tell.

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