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Viking Jewelry Life – 25% Discount  


Viking Jewelry Life


Viking Jewelry Life, a family-owned business is based in Columbus, Ohio and is the culmination of decades of love for the family’s Norse heritage.  The store offers an expanding treasure horde of jewelry and accessories worthy of Odin.  Misinformation has been engrained in our history about the Vikings but Viking Jewelry Life aims to promote their positive values.  Because of the grunge movement and pop media, interest in Vikings has flourished making it a lifestyle, not a trend.  If it’s your lifestyle, then sail over to Viking Jewelry Life and “Go Viking”! 




Adventures Unlimited Press - 20% Discount


Adventures Unlimited Press

Adventures Unlimited Press is a publisher of an eclectic variety of books covering topics such as Lost Cities and Continents (Atlantis), Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Tesla Technology, Ancient Sciences, Sacred Geometry, Unexplained Phenomena, Conspiracy, Mind Control, UFOs, and Exotic Travel. There are at least two sides to every story, and Adventures Unlimited offers readers refreshing and mind-provoking alternative views of history, science, archeology and current events.  WARNING:  the contents of our books may be hazardous to your belief system! 

Visit us at:



ArmStreet - 20% Discount


ArmStreet is a well-known designer of top quality medieval clothing, accessories, and armor. We bring history to life with our own unique designs and take pride in our thoughtfully constructed, functional and undeniably beautiful products. From Viking relics to intricate Renaissance gowns, we are influenced by the past and inspired by modern technology to create truly distinct items for historical displays, Renaissance Faires, LARP, theater and movie, weddings and more.

Visit us at:



Inner Traditions / Bear & Company - 30% Discount


Vermont, USA based Inner Traditions/Bear & Company has been a leading publisher in Mind, Body, and Spirit books since 1975. With over 1,500 titles in print, our focus is on spiritualism, esotericism, alternative health, mysticism, perennial philosophy, visionary art, sacred sexuality, and recordings of ethnic music and accompaniments for meditation. Visit us at:


Irish Archaeology – 15% Discount

Irish Archaeology 

Irish Archaeology Shop: We sell a hand-picked selection of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces which are inspired by ancient Irish, Celtic and Viking artefacts. Our unique variety of items includes striking Viking beard beads, Celtic cat brooches and dragon pins, ornate wristbands, replica cloak pins of the early medieval period, as well as beautifully illustrated post-cards of traditional Irish history. Visit us at




Ancient Times Jewelry - 20% Discount
 Ancient Times Jewelry

Ancient Times Jewelry designs and creates beautiful and unique jewelry that incorporates authentic artifacts from ancient cultures. These artifacts are set in beautiful and high quality settings so that they may be worn, touched, admired and appreciated, instead of lying in dark drawers or behind glass. Many pieces also incorporate ancient beads. Each piece is accompanied by a written description and Certificate of Authenticity. Wear a piece of ancient history!




Nexus Magazine - 20% Discount

Nexus Magazine

NEXUS Magazine is the world’s number one hardcopy and online magazine for in-depth articles covering health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained. Now available both in print and digitally, NEXUS Magazine is not affiliated with any political, religious or spiritual groups or organisations.  Established in 1987 and developed to provide “hard-to-get” information, NEXUS Magazine is published bi-monthly worldwide in English and several other languages.    



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