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Stone Age Enlightenment & Sacred Numbers in Megalithic Monuments
Sunday August 26, 2018 5:00pm EST
by Richard Heath
Stone Age Enlightenment & Sacred Numbers in Megalithic Monuments

What was the Greatest Secret of the Stone Age?

Clear-thinking survivors of the last Ice Age applied their minds to understanding events within an ever-changing sky. Counting time periods within repeated sky-events revealed special "sacred" numbers, as relationships between celestial cycles. Stone and earthwork constructions were used, employing simple geometries, lengths to count days and, noticing the properties different numbers have, forging an astronomical world-view.

This world-view has been partially recovered through studying how and why megalithic monuments were built, and by noticing that our oldest religious stories and temple-building cultures conform to astronomical numbers. So long as the Stone Age is considered less knowledgeable, the modern world avoids learning their greatest secret; that the outer planets have become musically harmonious and the inner planets remain a source of creative tension within our oldest stories.

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Richard Heath is a development engineer with degrees in systems science and computer-aided design. After decades of technical and spiritual training, Richard Heath became interested in megalithic astronomy and its numerical skillset. He has written five books on the sacred use of numbers. In Matrix of Creation he explores those found in the planetary world, in Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization he explores those important to ancient civilizations, and in Precessional Time and the Evolution of Consciousness he examines the numbers that define the important Ages of the world. In Sacred Number and the Lords of Time he provides an alternative history for megalithic astronomy, and in The Harmonic Origins of the World, he explains how the megalithic discovered planetary harmony through counting lunar months, thus explaining why ancient texts were informed by harmonic numbers. He lives in the Preseli Hills of West Wales. | See NumberSciences.org

Richard explores the concept of megalithic astronomy and ancient tuning theory in The Significance of Planetary Harmony: Creating Megalithic Structures Through Music”

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