New Expedition Hints at a Lost City Near the Tayos Caves in Ecuador

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 to Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ancient Origins returned once again to explore the Tayos caves in Ecuador on our 1st expedition for Premium Members.  While the search for hidden cave entrances continues, our recent expedition demonstrated that the secrets of the area may go beyond the caves and tales of Father Crespi and his mysterious treasures!

Find out more about the challenges faced and interesting discoveries, as chronicled in the article:
New Expedition Hints at a Lost City Near the Tayos Caves in Ecuador.

“…we set off along the beach towards another set of tunnels which were partially explored last time. When we had conquered the slippery mud on the way in, we were met by an endless series of angry bats and birds. Lucky for us they only swooped down and crossed our path. The screeching of the distressed animals may provide some explanation for why the Shuar people believed that spirits could be found within the cave and would not continue to search those tunnels after a certain point.

We waded (and sometimes swam) through varied levels of cool waters and eventually reached a place that was seemingly unpassable – at least at first glance…”