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  • Did the Pre-Clovis Cultures in America Originate from Japan?

    One of the most contentious issue in American, if not world archaeology is the validity of the ‘Clovis first’ theory, which is based on the argument that humans first c...

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  • The Floating Warhorses of Alexander the Great: The Menacing Mount of the Macedonians

    When Philip II came to the throne of ancient Macedon in the turbulent days of 359 BC, the nation was besieged. Illyrians were amassing to the north, Greeks occupied the major coast...

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  • Ancient Architecture, Ancient Alcohol, Ancient Religion and the End of Our World

    In 1995 a German archeologist named Klaus Schmidt decided to begin work in Turkey at a place called Potbelly Hill, or Göbekli Tepe. He didn't know at the time that he was abou...

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  • The Enigmatic Name and Face of YHWH

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  • The Other Side of the Flood: Was Abraham of Indian Descent?

    A fascinating hypothesis, developed in recent years, proposes a vision of the patriarch Abraham totally different from what eminent biblical studies have until today reported. 

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