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  • Dead Viking Dynasty Invade Scottish Neolithic Tombs

    The Viking Age represents the earliest recorded raids made by Norsemen in 793 AD until the Norman conquest of England in 1066 AD. During this blood-thirsty period Scandin...

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  • The Holy Shroud And The Mandylion: One And The Same?

    The enigma of the Holy Shroud has fascinated and baffled both the faithful and scholars for hundreds of years. To unravel the history and secret journey of how it came to the lands...

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  • The Legend of Lugalbanda, The First Sumerian Shaman

    According to the Sumerian King List, Lugalbanda was one of the kings who belonged to the First Dynasty of Uruk in Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia.

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  • The God-Gifted Weapons of Norse Mythology

    The Vikings were warriors and therefore weaponry was at the forefront of their culture, and this is why the heroes and gods of Norse religion and folklore were armed with...

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  • Atlantean Temples of Mexico: The Sacred Valley Of Tepoztlàn

    Nestled in a sacred valley, at an altitude of about 1,700 meters (5,560 feet) above sea level, to the south of Mexico City, lies the town of Tepoztlán. The surrounding landscape h...

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Rome’s First Princess -   The Banishment of Julia Augusti

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History's Secrets

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By the Sword

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