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  • Are Zeus’ Curetes the Ancestors of Modern Kurds?

    The hypothesis that there is a relationship between the ancient Curetes of Greek mythology and the Kuri or Kuronians, a tribe of warriors and navigators of the Baltic world

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  • Lucy and the Monstrous Birds, Fanged Beasts and Ferocious Fish of the Pliocene Epoch

    In the geologic timescale that extends from 5.33 million to 2.58 million years ago, by universal standard, the Pliocene epoch was relatively recent, and it was at this ti...

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  • Amazons in the Family of Alexander the Great: Who Was the Mystery Woman Warrior?

    November 8 is remembered as Archangels’ Day in Greece, but on that November day in 1977, Professor Manolis Andronikos, head of excavations, was roped down into the gloom of a...

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  • The Fall of Hera: Demoted from Autonomous Goddess to Wife of Zeus

    Constantly battling with Zeus’ infidelity, Hera the ancient Greek goddess of family and marriage, often took swift and cruel revenge - not on her philandering husband, but on...

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  • Thesmophoria: Feminine Consciousness in Ancient Greece

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