How to Attend a Webinar or Talk with an Expert Chat

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Subscribe to Ancient Origins Members Only as a Silver or Gold Member. [Bronze members can access these same steps with a small, one-time fee for webinars]

An email will be sent to the email address you subscribed with, which will include a link. Use this to register for the upcoming event. Earmark the date and time! J

1 day and also 1 hour before the event is to begin, email alerts will arrive in your inbox which will include further instructions and a website link. Click this link to connect to the webinar. This will open your browser, and simply follow the prompts to join the session. You will NOT have to install software or programs to join the webinar.

Archived webinars are available for download to Silver and Gold subscribers.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions


Ancient Origins uses the GoToWebinar software, a trusted and effective online webinar service, which we find allows a presentation to become a conversation. Citrix GoToWebinar webinars require a PC or Mac with browser, or can also be accessed by mobile device.  FAQ and system requirements can be found here.

At Ancient Origins we’re bringing far-flung global participants together, and connectivity is not guaranteed. We will do our very best to ensure webinars and Talk with an Expert chats go smoothly and interruption-free, but sometimes the gods play havoc with humanity.

At the end of a webinar presentation (Silver and Gold) and during a Talk with an Expert Chat (Gold), you can ask questions and engage with the speaker by raising your ‘hand’, typing a question, or using your microphone to speak your question. We try to address all questions, time and subject permitting.

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