Amazing Medicines, Horrible Illnesses, & Surprising Cures Vol. II

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Amazing Medicines, Horrible Illnesses, & Surprising Cures Vol. II

Many ancient healing practices are appalling to modern minds – boring holes in skulls to treat head injuries, drinking mercury-laden concoctions for longevity, cutting off limbs with no anesthesia… Others may scoff at beliefs that astrology impacted health, leeching could balance humors, and spells could cure complex maladies.

But there are also many cases of ancient and traditional medical practices that have been practical, innovative, and even successful for handling disease. While a doctor today may be wary about smelling (and tasting!) urine, there is science supporting some ancient medical practices, such as the use of certain herbs and the importance of exercise.

Discover the stories of legendary healers and early modern medicine maidens, how ancient Egyptians and Greek physicians treated their patients, the horrible catastrophe that was the Black Death, and intuitive healing practices that continue to be used around the world today.

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