Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy

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Biblical Origns - An adopted Legacy by Petros Koutoupis

Note: "Biblical Origins: An adopted Legacy", generously contributed by Petros Koutoupis, exclusively for Ancient Origins Members.

Explore the world to which the Bible has been written in. Following the Documentary Hypothesis, each author provides clues to the origins of their writings. These clues reveal hidden propoganda and agendas during the time-frame to which the author had set these writings to scrolls.

Biblical Origins is the first book in a future series, dedicated to solving the long lasting mystery:

Who wrote the Bible? It is when this is identified that the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible will truly come to life, finally providing us with the answers to all else relating to it. There has been much confusion when attempting to date the Pentateuch, especially when considering the Documentary/Source Hypothesis.

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