Unveiled: Secrets of Ancient Masks

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Unveiled: Secrets of Ancient Masks

Join us as we explore the many faces of ancient masks and the secrets they hold!

We delve into the fascinating and varied world of masks throughout history. From death masks of famous and infamous figures to metal masks that would shame you into good behavior, masks have served many purposes throughout time.

One of the most well-known uses of masks is in theater, and we explore the exciting evolution of ancient Greek theater and the role that masks played in it. But masks weren't just for entertainment – solemn, powerful, and sometimes bizarre, funerary masks have been found throughout the ancient world too.

We also delve into the mysteries of specific masks, such as the Mycenaean mask of Agamemnon, the neanderthal mask of La Roche-Cotard, and the unforgettable death mask of the unknown woman of the Seine.

Some masks are truly creepy, like those made from real human skulls and the infamous plague doctor mask. And some stories about masks are just downright strange, like the museum mix-up that created a sticky mess when it was believed that spider web masks suffocated widows.

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