The Elusive King Alcinous and the Phaeacians

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Wednesday September 20, 2023 12:00pm EST
Petros Koutoupis
The Elusive King Alcinous  and the Phaeacians

The mythological Alcinous and the location of his kingdom of the Phaeacians have remained one of the most elusive topics of ancient Greek literature. Clues to the ruler and his kingdom survive only in the narratives of the journeys of Odysseus and Jason. What did the ancient Mediterranean look like in the Late Bronze Age and which nations ruled the seas? Was there an Alcinous prototype ruling over a foreign nation of master seafarers? How much evidence can the ancient narratives provide, and how much of it can be corroborated by archaeology, geography and paleontology?

Join our host, Petros Koutoupis, of diggingupthepast, on a voyage to the ancient Mediterranean to uncover the latest in archaeological research and attempt to solve the mystery of this elusive monarch: Who was King Alcinous?


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