Friends, Romans, Countrymen: A peek into the daily life of a Roman citizen

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Tuesday November 27, 2018 2:00pm EST
Victor Labate
Friends, Romans, Countrymen: A peek into the daily life of a Roman citizen

Who were you in Ancient Rome? What was your life like?

Strolling down the Via Appia, on your way to the Forum, would you inspect the new range of togas at the shops, pay a tribute to your favorite god at the temple, pop in to the bank to acquire some Roman  coins, for it may be expensive to live in Rome, or visit the thermae to indulge in a Roman bath, before you dodge the traffic of carts and busy pedestrians on your way home?

Your home? Are you one of the privileged senators from the ancient patrician families to own a Roman Villa, the equestrian class to own a house or domus, complete with atrium and impluvium, or an ordinary plebeian who lives in an overcrowded apartment block or insulae?

Roman Emperors indulged in luscious dinner orgies in the triclinium of their villas, but what simple fare did the ordinary Romans buy at the market and how did they prepare it?  Come and taste Roman cuisine and stay for a board game after dinner. Speaking of dinner parties, since you were not invited to Caesar's dinner, would you like to go to the amphitheater to watch the gladiators, or attend the stadium to watch your favorite chariot team, this Saturday? And by the way, how do you know which day it is? Who developed the Calendar?

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