Legacy of Ancient Ancestors Dowsing, An Ancient Skill-Set Revived

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Sunday September 6, 2020 3:15pm EST
Dr. Gary White
Legacy of Ancient Ancestors  Dowsing, An Ancient Skill-Set Revived

What is the legacy of our Ancient Ancestors? Is it an innate skill?

Our ancient ancestors lived completely different lives from ours.  They stood on the ground by day and looked at the sky at night.  This gave them a connection to the earth that most of us generally miss.  Our ancient ancestors also had very different needs than us.  For example, they could not just turn on a tap,  and needed to find sources of drinkable water hidden deep below the surface of the earth. Even Moses was a dowser, as God instructed him to take the rod and “the rock yielded water”. We have allowed an ancient skill-set inherited from our ancient ancestors to languish in our deep subconscious, like those hidden water sources.

Drawing on his decades of experience as a successful teacher, composer, and dowser, Dr. Gary White has developed a series of exercises to enable us to access our own innate inner “dowsing mind.” Demonstrating a variety of muscle-testing techniques, Gary illustrates how they can be used for both tangible (underground water, lost items, etc.) and intangible (non-physical queries) dowsing. Moving to profound, consciousness-altering methods, Gary leads us on an exploration that ranges from the material world into the multi-dimensional realms—a source of information and inspiration throughout the centuries.

Gary WhiteGary White, Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University, where he was a professor of music theory and a successful composer. He is author of a number of college-level music theory textbooks. After his (early) retirement in 1994, he established Pilgrims Process Publishers, which has published over 30 books by different authors on a variety of subjects, including sacred sites, pilgrimage, fiction, and a series of seven books under the general title of “Powerful Places in . . .” The series, which is co-authored with his wife, Elyn Aviva, includes: Powerful Places in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Catalonia, Brittany, and the Caminos de Santiago. His latest book is The Dowsing Mind - Into the Multi-Dimensional Realms and Back.

For more information, go to www.powerfulplaces.com.


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