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From the lush Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the fiery forges of Asgard, Ancient Origins Magazine scours the planet to reveal the history of the ancient world.

Discover ancient technologies, lost civilizations, and strange mysteries that still puzzle us today. Experience the power and people, the weapons and wisdom of the ancient world. With boundary-breaking research, nothing is left out!




AO Magazine - September 2018
AO Magazine - September 2018

In creating this very first issue of Ancient Origins Magazine, we scoured the planet to showcase unique histories, inspiring stories, and incredible experiences. We constantly seek to break down boundaries into research, exploring all aspects of history. Our vision is to collect stories from all over the world to deliver inspiration and challenge you to keep asking the questions, ‘how?’, ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ 

Issues will be chock-full of interviews and news from experts in the field, articles on intriguing finds and theories, thought-provoking reviews and notable authors, tasty and surprising ancient recipes, ancient puzzles and mysteries, and expeditions and journeys for the adventure-lovers.

This magazine has come about as a result of requests from you, our readers, and the passions of our dedicated team. So, welcome to the first edition of Ancient Origins Magazine! 

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