The Mystery of Father Crespi & the Missing Golden Artifacts

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Friday June 17, 2016 7:30pm EST
Dr John Syrigos
The Mystery of Father Crespi & the Missing Golden Artifacts

The story of Father Crespi is a mysterious and controversial account of a priest in Ecuador involving claims of unknown civilizations, strange golden artifacts, a subterranean cave system containing a metallic library, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, symbols depicting an unknown language, evidence of extra-terrestrial contact, and a Vatican conspiracy involving thousands of missing artifacts.

But how much of the story is true? In this Webinar, Ancient Origins’ Co-Founder, Dr Ioannis Syrigos, will talk about his investigation into the Father Crespi puzzle, including his exploration of the mysterious Tayos Caves in Ecuador where some of the artifacts were allegedly found, insights from the Shuar Indians, and his exclusive access to the hidden vaults at the Central Bank of Ecuador containing thousands of Father Crespi’s artifacts.

Dr Syrigos will also share photographs of artifacts never publicly shown before.

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