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Ancient Origins IRAQ Tour

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We have been exploring cultural heritage site for centuries

But never like this!

Many of the ancient world's most spectacular legacies and legends hide among tantalizing foundation stones and carefully preserved ruins yet remain invisible to the naked eye. Until now, we could only imagine what they looked like.

No longer must visitors walk among ruins wondering what it used to be like, unable to grasp the beauty and majesty of these hallowed places. With Lithodomos, visitors find themselves interacting with, engaging in and enjoying these sites in fun, meaningful and memorable ways.

Stop Imagining - Start Seeing

Lithodomos creates augmented and virtual reality tours for ancient sites around the world. We are archaeologists, artists, technical innovators and storytellers who are fuelled by a shared thirst for understanding the world around us and a passion to share our understanding in transformative ways. Inspired by the adventurer archaeologists of the 19th century whose academic rigors and imaginations brought beautiful mysteries back to life, we set out to pierce the veil of time and transport us back in time so we can experience legendary places for ourselves.

Heritage Broadcasting Service

Heritage brings you a dizzying array of shows with stories on diverse archaeological and cultural-heritage topics, produced by some of the world's most skilled storytellers. Unlimited ad-free streaming anytime, anywhere, on all your devices and available on Roku. Each fascinating film on Heritage is just one episode in the long human story that began millions of years ago—a story that continues today. New films added regularly.

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