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Sunday February 24, 2019 4:00pm EST
Walter Cruttenden
Star-Crossed Consciousness - Ancient Origins Webinars

Can celestial electro-magnetic fields influence the rise and fall of civilization and man’s mental wellbeing?

Walter Cruttenden’s Great Year hypothesis* entails that subtle celestial influences, produced by the electromagnetic fields of planets and stars, can impact not only human consciousness but also the rise and fall of civilization. There is enough evidence that humans are affected by magnetic fields, exposure to light, and the ionization of the air we breathe. Solar flares of planets 45,000 light years away cause ionization changes on earth, and it has already been established that man is sensitive to negative ions (an anti-depressant) which can cause a change in consciousness.

The Conscious Electro Magnetic Information Field Theory (CEMI), shows that the brain’s weak, but complex, electromagnetic field (EM) allows each cell instant access to the information contained in every other cell in the brain. In essence, it suggests that consciousness is related to the EM fields that the body produces—especially those produced by the brain. The latest neuropsychological non-invasive therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), involves an electrical current running through a coil placed on the scalp. Already research is indicating that it counters the effects of depression in 60% of patients for whom nothing else worked.

Arguably, TMS involves the use of a pulsed electromagnetics in close proximity to the brain, creating a much more intense localized field than we would experience from the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic fields, but it is possible that the waves generated by celestial objects in distant space may also have a rhythmic or “pulsing” effect due to the resonant nature of orbital physics – the very mechanism that keeps space orderly and causes the cycles of nature.

Eastern philosophies about life and consciousness date to prehistory and are fundamentally different from those in the West, especially in the field of medicine. According to Eastern healing philosophy, man has an energy or spiritual body that supports and transcends the physical vehicle. This predates Western physical medicine and stretches far back into the distant past of the Asian cultures, with acupuncture and acupressure being two examples. The ancient Chinese 64 I Ching code is identical to the genetic code of DNA, which describes the entire living world and was discovered by the West less than 50 years ago.

 *Watch Walter’s previous interview on the Lost Cycle of Time and the Golden year theory HERE.

Walter Cruttenden is a financial markets innovator, an active founder investor in growth companies that serve a social need, and is incredibly passionate about human history and astronomy. Currently, Walter serves as Chairman of Acorns, a micro-investing company, which he co-founded with his son, Jeff Cruttenden, Jason Martell, and Mark Dru. Acorns is an app that enables people to save and invest in incredibly small increments, with high frequency, requiring little or no conscious effort. Walter also serves as CEO of Blast, a gamification company operating at the nexus of the Fintech and Game industries. Blast's app features a new game dynamic that improves the financial outcome for both gamers and game companies alike.

When he is not engaged in Fintech, Walter acts as the Director of the Binary Research Institute in Newport Beach, California, which researches the cause and consequences of solar system motion. As part of his cosmological work Walter authored the book Lost Star of Myth and Time, the award-winning documentary film, The Great Year (narrated by James Earl Jones) and the children's book, The Great Year Adventures: with Tommy the Time-Traveling Turtle.



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