Laser Level For First Outdoor Project: Pacific Laser System PLS-60595 Laser Level Review

If you are searching for the bright laser level that can help you while working at the job site, then the Pacific Laser system has the right product for you in the stores. Today we are talking about PLS-60595 that is an ultimate savior for all the beginners who are tired of changing laser levels all the time due to slow performance. Today we are discussing the pros and cons of PLS-60595 to decide whether you should buy or not?

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Weight: 12 oz

Warranty: 3 years

Leveling Type: Automatic

Laser class: II

Batteries: 3 AA’

Working range: +/-100ft.

Pros of PLS-60595 Laser Level System:


To help you in working efficiently at this point, and to simplify your job, this model has robust and solid construction to save it from any damage and for transportation. It’s suitable for any kind of installation, from electrical to constructional sites. This laser level can determine any point, and there will be no more complications of adjusting the device.

Bright Beam:

The green beam of the PLS-60595 laser level is three times brighter as compared to the red one. This green beam is an ideal light when you are working on the long-distance projects or when you are at the daylight job site. Now there is no need to wait for lower lighting as this model has the potential to work in bright light conditions without complications.

Self-Leveling and Battery:

This device is the most accurate laser level you can get hands-on. Along with the basic features, this model also has a self-leveling feature that is responsible for adjusting the device while standing on a rough surface. Self-leveling makes work easier for the beginners who are using laser level for the first time.

Other than self-leveling, the battery timings of this model are impressive as well, and it can be operated for 10-12 hours.

Strong Accuracy Performance:

Projects where accuracy and precision involved, users usually look for the high-performance device to avoid any difficulty and for the elimination of guess games. This device is accurate within ¼” at the distance of 100ft. If you are working on some outdoor project, then this accuracy will help you in catching the target as well as there will be no need to attach extra accessories.

Other Features:

PLS-60595 laser level system has come up with a warranty of 3 years, in case of any technical fault, PLS will fix it for you as soon as possible. It also can work perpendicularly to the track, has a magnetic wall bracket, and it’s portable to pack in your bag for traveling. There are no handling and operating problems with this model.

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PLS-60595 laser level system can alert you when leveling is out of range, and there will be no problems of operating while you are away from the device. This device will help you increase productivity and profit for the lifetime. PLS will be your partner at the job site from now on.


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