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D. W. Naef

Dustin Naef is an expert about Mount Shasta’s history and folklore, and has lived at the base of California’s legendary mountain for most of his adult life. His writings about Mount Shasta take a different tack than much of the material you can find about the subject on the Internet, and are based on historical sources. His book, Mount Shasta's Forgotten History & Legends, is one of the most popular and widely read books on the subject. Dustin is a regular guest and contributor on television shows which feature stories about Mount Shasta, and he has appeared repeatedly on the History Channel, Travel Channel, and the Discovery Channel. His articles about the mountain have appeared in Ancient Origins and numerous publications over the years. He has made film’s advocating for the protection and preservation of sacred sites, in particular the Grand Canyon and Mount Shasta. Dustin continues to live a quiet life at the base of Mount Shasta today.

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