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There’s so much to discover about mankind’s ancient past - ancient myths and legends you may never have heard of, events, artifacts and little-known places that have become virtually lost to the pages of history. Our mission is to reveal them once again by bringing together expert authors and researchers from each and every day.


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 The astonishing mysteries behind myths and legends


The word ‘ Myth’ originates from the Greek word mythos, meaning ‘word’ or ‘tale’ or ‘true narrative’, referring also to its facts being rooted in truth.

As the age of science began questioning truth itself, the meaning of the word evolved. Early scientists and philosophers questioned the truth of their traditional myths, thus birthing the skepticism that would forever change the meaning of the word.

About 400 years later, myths became limited to fictional tales of superstition or fantasy. This is how the definition of the word ‘myth’ is still viewed—a story without proof.

However, a 400-year old story should not be assumed to be false merely because the proof or evidence to support it has not been found.  In many cases, myths were a way for people to explain real—and perhaps perplexing—events using the knowledge and beliefs of their time.


Myths that have been proven true


In support of this theory, a number of events described in mythology, which were once considered mere fairy tales, have now been proven through archaeology to have existed.

A famous example is the city Troy, which is central to Homer’s The Iliad. Long considered to be a city of Myth, Heinrich Schliemann’s discovery of the actual site in 1868 elevated it to a place in history. Nevertheless, the remainder of The Iliad is still viewed as a myth and fantasy without any serious attempts being made to investigate whether or not there may be more truth behind the tale.

Regardless of the age of a story, a lack of supporting evidence to its truth is not evidence of its untruth, as many stories labelled as myths may, in fact, be based in reality.

Of course, it may well be the case that many myths and legends are merely fanciful and imaginative stories, though it does seem unwise to immediately discount all of them.

Imagine all the wisdom that can be found in these stories by studying the symbolism, representations, philosophic insights and hidden meanings commonly used in both popular and ancient culture and folklore.

This kind of knowledge and understanding becomes life-changing. Never stop exploring!


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Our Researchers and Authors


Here is just a small selection of the authors who contribute their expert opinions to Ancient Origins. You can view the full list here.

Our authors have been hosted in:

National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel and Ancient Origins


Rita Louise - Ancient Origins

Theodoros Spyropoulos - Ancient Origins

Liana Souvaltzi - Ancient Origins

Dr Rita Louise, Founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics & Naturopathic Physician

Dr Theodoros Spyropoulos, Archaeologist, Official of Central Archaeological Council of Greece

Liana Souvaltzi, Archaeologist, Greece

Graham Hancock - Ancient Origins

Charles Christian - Ancient Origins

Dr Ken Jeremiah - Ancient Origins

Graham Hancock, is an author and researcher


Charles Christian is a professional writer, editor, award-winning journalist and former Reuters correspondent.

Dr Ken Jeremiah, is an author and researcher

Dr Sam Osmanagich - Ancient Origins

Professor Giovanni Pastore - Ancient Origins

Dr. Sachin Kumar Tiwary - Ancient Origins

Dr Sam Osmanagich, Anthropology Professor

Professor Giovanni Pastore, Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Sachin Kumar Tiwary, Assistant Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India

Andrew Collins - Ancient Origins

Dr Nickos Poulianos - Ancient Origins

Dr Massimo Bonasorte - Ancient Origins

Andrew Collins, Author, Investigator

Dr Nickos Poulianos, Palaeoanthropologist, Greece

Dr Massimo Bonasorte, Investigative journalist

Chet Van Duzer - Ancient Origins

Prof. Carl Ruck - Ancient Origins

Dr. Andrew Chesnut - Ancient Origins

Chet Van Duzer, Historical Geographer

Carl A.P. Ruck, Professor of Classics at Boston University

Dr. Andrew Chesnut, Professor of Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr John Haywood - Ancient Origins

Hugh Newman - Ancient Origins

Brien Foerster - Ancient Origins

Dr John Haywood, expert on the history of Dark Age Europe

Hugh Newman, Author, Researcher

Brien Foerster, Author and Expert in South American Cultures


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Ancient Origins Premium

“I enjoy the articles about what is happening in the field of archaeology. I like that they are not dry academic stuff but interesting reading.”

Susan, United States           


“The site manages to open more areas of interest and I also learn from this site.”

Elsje, South Africa   

“I'm a historian and AO fufills my needs for interesting info regarding the ancient world!”

Jessica, US

"Great way to keep up on info about history and science !!!"

Joe, US          

Teachers and Education Professionals

Numerous schools around the world recommend Ancient Origins to their students, showing them there’s still a lot to discover in this world


“I can actually apply it in my lesson plans!! The kids love it!!”Ancient Origins Premium

Daniel, UK     


“I teach 6th grade history, which is Ancient Civilizations. When I find a relevant story on AO, I share it with my kids, and even use it as a reading comprehension exercise. It's wonderful.”

Jennifer, US


“I am a Social Studies Teacher. This web site helps me a lot. It makes my job easier. There are so many things that I have learned from this wonderful website. Thank you so much!”
Richard, Thailand

“As an English teacher, I love to weave the history, legends, and stories from here into my lessons. It gives my students access to interesting informative texts.”

Jammie, US

Novelists, scriptwriters, creatives, TV and film producers

Many professionals of the entertainment industry find the thrill and inspiration for their stories in Ancient Origins


Ancient Origins Premium

“I write Tales & Legends from the Ancient & Medieval Worlds for Reluctant Readers. AO's articles are fabulous for my research.”

Cheryl, US


"Readers will hugely enjoy their quest on this website of inspired storytelling of historical mysteries. Ancient Origins have taught me so much knowledge."

Deanna, US


“I'm fairly new to Ancient Origins but the content is both thought-provoking and inspiring to a writer like me.”

Leena, South Africa


“I'm a novel writer and translator and not only enjoy reading (and learning) History, but also use a lot of such material as I gather in my works.”

Monica Elisabeth, US


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“You'd have to surf a dozen different websites to get all the latest ancient history news that is available on Ancient Origins.”

Wombat , US

“It exceeds your expectations for real adventure back into history and our ancient origins.”

Scott, US

“I try to hit once daily. Love it to pieces! More, more, more!”

Robin, US

“I had no idea how much it would become part of my life! I love reading the articles and joining the discussions.”

Angie, US


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Take notes - Ancient Origins Premium

Take notes

“I make notes from A-O articles and my Archaeological publications so I may come up with some article topics soon.”

Rennie, US

Webinars - Ancient Origins

Never miss a Webinar

“I picked up a membership so I could watch them from the archive since I may not be able to see them when first aired live.”

Jesse, US

Focused - Ancient Origins

Stay focused

“In this day and age of information overload, the only newsletter I look forward to is from Ancient Origins. [...] I have loved the site for years.  But I particularly appreciate the new members-only version, without all the distracting ads.”

Carolee, US

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“I truly enjoy being a member of Ancient Origins Premium and enjoy the wide range of Topics offered.[...] I enjoy reading the articles and saved most of them for later referral.”

Patricia, US

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“I'm a history major who is looking for interesting, non-traditional articles. I've even cited some articles and my professors were impressed! They then became fans as well. Keep up the good work!!”

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Sample Webinar - Ancient Origins


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Angela, Australia

“I really love to read Ancient Origins and to watch videos when available.”

Helen, Netherlands



Sample Webinar - Ancient Origins Premium

“Webinars have inspired me to read some of the books published by the guest speakers”

Stephen, US

Thank you for all most truthful presentations especially the photos & videos.”
Susan, US




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“Great place to meet up with like-minded people.”

Sheena, UK

“the 'potential' of meeting like-minded people and making new friends over a period of time. :-)”

Carol Ann, US

“I enjoy the different perspectives [...]  It makes ancient history dynamic and alive.”

Margaret, US


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Every high school in America should have a link to this site!

I have found the Ancient Origins members site to be a treasure trove of information. It provides me with incentive to learn more about parts of history I hadn't been too curious about. I love that the editors provide a mix of traditional and non-traditional points of view. Every high school in America should have a link to this site!

Sandy, US


I truly enjoy Ancient Origins

I truly enjoy Ancient Origins.  I don't always have the time to fully read the articles or participate in the webinars, the ones I have read/participated in are wonderful. I'm very happy that I joined A. O. as a gold member, it's well worth the small $ amount. I encourage anyone who enjoys the articles to become a gold member.

Beth, US


I enjoy the history and archaeology sections the most.

I Have been reading articles from Ancient Origins for several years now. I enjoy the history and archaeology sections the most.

Marilyn, US


I am enjoying the lessons, and fully enjoy the ones who share what they have learned through lifetimes of study.

I have been following Archaeological and Historical programs on the television for years. My preferences are learning about who we are, why we are here, and what we need to do to move forward in Love, Light, and prosperity.  For me education helps me see what has been done, why, and what caused it to fail.  I am enjoying the lessons, and fully enjoy the ones who share what they have learned through lifetimes of study.  There is nothing new on this earth.  I believe this is the time WE are the ones CREATING. Let’s do it!

Mazie, US


I love the diversity & willingness to print strange & peculiar ideas & beliefs

I am a very interested fan of your site, love the diversity & willingness to print strange & peculiar ideas & beliefs - many current 'truths' were arrived at after a lot of argument over their reality!  Keep up the good work!

Veronica, US


I enjoy Ancient Origins very much and my daughters are both connected too

I enjoy Ancient Origins very much and my daughters are both connected too. In general, I think you are doing a great job and it's exciting to go forward as you slowly improve and offer more and more. Very interesting reading!   We look forward to and talk about your articles all the time! Thank you!

Sally, US


I love this site. Worth every penny

I love this site. Worth every penny. I love the lack of pop-ups and being current on new findings and information.

Peter, US


I had no idea how much it would become part of my life!

I joined Ancient-Origins in January of 2014 after stumbling upon it online. I had no idea how much it would become part of my life! I love reading the articles and joining the discussions. The staff does an impressive job of updating the content on a daily basis. Any time I have raised a question, I've always been contacted directly and quickly. I love meeting new people, I love the points system, and the gifts you can get are seriously awesome! I've claimed a few myself over time. There is such a great mix of people and ideas here, so if you're, read, join the fun!!!

Angie, US


Their friendliness and companionship goes well beyond their professional obligations

My interest in anthropology and archaeology started many years ago. The expedition experience with Ancient Origins offered the perfect opportunity to experience first-hand the field aspects of both disciplines.

I found the challenge of trekking through the Amazon forest stimulating and confidence building. Exploring the Tayos Caves was an arduous but thrilling experience. Searching the river bluffs for unknown entrances was exciting and invigorating. I particularly enjoyed the Shuar people and living in their environment.

The staff of Ancient Origins are knowledgeable and helpful. Their friendliness and companionship goes well beyond their professional obligations.

Wendy, US


Their guidance is superb and highly affordable

Anyone who knows me knows my life began with a love for archaeology. Many trips planned have been thwarted by political unrest or personal tragedy throughout my 63 years of experiences. Finally, this trip with Ioannis and Alicia of Ancient Origins fulfilled all my years of wondering and waiting for the opportunity. The Ancient Origins expedition whet my appetite for many more such adventures.

If one makes the time, their guidance is superb and highly affordable. It exceeds your expectations for real adventure back into history and our ancient origins.

Scott, US


Amazing collection of fascinating sites

Amazing collection of fascinating sites. I am satisfied with the content.

James, Canada


This is a fantastic site on ancient history, civilisations and cultures

This is a fantastic site on ancient history, civilisations and cultures. It is an invaluable resource on the very latest research, opinions and ideas, introducing thinkers and writers 'out of the box'. Great place to meet up with like-minded people.

Sheena, UK


Ancient Origins Members have amazingly interesting and in depth articles

Ancient Origins Members have amazingly interesting and in depth articles on your site without the added annoyance of advertisements.

Dorina, Australia


This site has a staff that does a good job in choosing a broad array of unique topics

This site has a staff that does a good job in choosing a broad array of unique topics of general interest to people who are more passionate about history mysteries than the average person is. And the 'potential' of meeting like-minded people and making new friends over a period of time. Also nice not to be bombarded with advertisements :-)

Carol Ann, US


Excellent articles on ancient history

I have joined a neat website that provides excellent articles on ancient history. They have webinars, free e-books and no ads by a small fee, but it is worth it. I am enjoying the latest articles on recent archeological and historical findings. Take a look!

Aida, US


Quality articles across a diverse range of topics

The Member's site provides quality articles across a diverse range of topics. The available body of articles will increase as the site continues to grow. A very important benefit of membership is that access to its sister site, is then provided "Ad Free". This sister site has a great depth of shorter articles spanning many years. These articles are interesting in their own right, but also offer reference for ongoing reading/research.

Neil, Australia


Best articles and obscure archaeology & mythology articles on the web

Best articles and obscure archaeology & mythology articles on the web. An abundance of fascinating articles that delight & inspire! It is my favorite site that I try to hit once daily. Love it to pieces! More, more, more!

Robin, US


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