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In this day and age of information overload, the only newsletter I look forward to is from Ancient Origins.  The articles are so interesting, timely, and on-target.  There is always something new and fascinating to read.  I have loved the site for years.  But I particularly appreciate the new members-only version, without all the ads, and I am glad to help support something I get such enjoyment from.  Thank you for what you do!
Carolee, US

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This is a fantastic site on ancient history, civilisations and cultures. It is an invaluable resource on the very latest research, opinions and ideas, introducing thinkers and writers 'out of the box'. Great place to meet up with like-minded people. 
Sheena, UK

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The Member's site provides quality articles across a diverse range of topics. The available body of articles will increase as the site continues to grow. A very important benefit of membership is that access to its sister site, AncientOrigins.net is then provided "Ad Free". This sister site has a great depth of shorter articles spanning many years. These articles are interesting in their own right, but also offer reference for ongoing reading/research. 
Neil, Australia

  • Amazing Medicines, Horrible Illnesses and the Surprising Cures of Ancient History
  • Ancient Caves and Their Dark Histories
  • Amazing Technologies, Weapons and Gadgets of the Ancient World
  • Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy

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Best articles and obscure archaeology & mythology articles on the web. An abundance of fascinating articles that delight & inspire! It is my favorite site that I try to hit once daily. Love it to pieces! More, more, more! 
Robin, US

PLUS, more discounts added every month!

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