The Ark Of The Covenant: A Fearsome Weapon Of Destruction

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Joshua passing the River Jordan with the Ark of the Covenant by Benjamin West (1800) Art Gallery of New South Wales (Public Domain)

The Ark Of The Covenant: A Fearsome Weapon Of Destruction

The Ark of the Covenant must be thought of as two or even three separate things. First of all it is a box with a cavity in the middle of it that can contain a medium-sized object, such as an electrical device of some kind. Secondly, the ‘Ark’ can be that object inside of the box, something powerful and destructive. Thirdly, there is the Mercy Seat and Shekinah Glory that rest between the golden statues of two angels facing each other on a slab of gold, which is also the lid of the box. All three of these things have their functions but each is separate from the other. There is a further description of the Ark as a flying vehicle, which seems to be something completely different again.

Designs of the Ark of the Covenant ( Bruno Marques Designer /Pixabay)

Designs of the Ark of the Covenant ( Bruno Marques Designer /Pixabay)

Dimensions Of The Ark

Normally an ark was a chest of wood and metal that held a statue of a god, or other sacred objects, and was carried by four to six men in front of a marching army. The Egyptian army was well known to have an ark containing a statue of the god Amun which was carried in front a troop of Egyptian soldiers to the many forts at the edges of the Egyptian realm.

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