Was the Ark Of The Covenant A Coffin – Secret Link To Osiris God Of The Dead

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Composite image of Osiris and his protective sisters Isis and Nephthys, overlain by Akhenaten’s face, all overlying the Ark and the winged cherubim, from Moses and Joshua Bowing before the Ark, gouache on board, by James Tissot, 1896-1902. Now in    the Jewish Museum, New York. Author created.

Was the Ark Of The Covenant A Coffin – Secret Link To Osiris God Of The Dead

Why does the Bible refer to the Ark of the Covenant as a coffin? Was someone buried in it? Was it a symbolic coffin, or even God’s coffin? The Bible describes the Ark as a sacred chest of wood and gold, built at Moses’ direction from a heavenly vision to house the Ten Commandments. It has long held a special place in the hearts of archaeologists and explorers, and it continues to remain at large after 2,600 years. It also remains cloaked in mystery, especially as to why the Bible refers to it as a ‘coffin(aron, אֲר֖וֹן). When the Greeks translated aron in the Septuagint, they used the word kibotos, a ‘large box/chest’, and when later translated into Latin, the word arca was used, meaning the same thing. This became ‘ark’ in English.

Osiris (664 and 332 BC) Louvre Museum (Public Domain)

Osiris God Of The Dead

The current author traces the Ark’s secret connections back to Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. Osiris was the most popular god in ancient Egypt, and as scholar Theodore Godlaski describes: “Osiris is at once both the best known and the most mysterious of the gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He is a god, yet functions as a man. He is immortal and yet dies. He is restored to life, once in this world and again in the afterlife. He is royal and yet, through him, access to a life beyond life is made available to all and not just the elite.”

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