IWNW The Egyptian Atlantis, City of Yah Weh and Ra

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Battle of Heliopolis during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1800 by Léon Cogniet. Collections du château de Versailles. (Public Domain)

IWNW The Egyptian Atlantis, City of Yah Weh and Ra

The name given by Egyptologists for the sacred City of the Sun God, Ra, in ancient Egypt was IWNW or IUNU.  It is also affirmed not only by those who have studied the country of the Nile for many generations, as well as the Bible that this was the city that became known to ancient Greeks as Heliopolis and to the Hebrew people who once ruled the Lands of Egypt as Bethshemesh. The various Bible verses in Jeremiah confirm that Heliopolis was another name for Bethshemesh.  IWNW or IUNU was the City of the Pillars located at Ayn Shams, a north-eastern suburb of modern-day Cairo.

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These hieroglyphs begin with a pillar which in Egyptology is IWNW or IUNU.  To the top right there is a pot, which represents the two-consonant letters ‘NW’.  It was not spoken and only placed after the main word, ‘IWNW’ to emphasize the final letters ‘NW’ of ‘IWNW’.    Beneath it the disc enclosing a cross shape is another unspoken hieroglyph that is classed as an ideogram or determinative.   It tells that the word ‘IWNW’ is a city or a town. 

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