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Captivating Great Treasure of Lima

Isla del Coco, or Cocos Island, has been visited for over 300 years by infamous pirates like ‘Benito of the Bloody Sword’ and explorers such as Sir Francis Drake. In more modern times famous treasure hunters like President Franklin Roosevelt have quested this island for what is without question, the largest real life lost treasure ever hoard known to mankind - The Great Treasure of Lima.

Cocos Island. Map Collection of the Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas. Public Domain

Cocos Island. Map Collection of the Perry-Castañeda LibraryUniversity of TexasPublic Domain

Cocos Island is a designated National Park located in the Pacific Ocean and is situated some 342 miles (550 kilometers) off the coast of Costa Rica, with an area of approximately 9.21 miles2 (23.85 kilometers2). An official Costa Rican survey of the island in 1895 reported: “There are signs of mineral wealth, and gold has been found,” but the natural gold on this island nowhere near matches the volume of gold that has been hidden there.

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