The Allure Of Chartres Cathedral, An Aura Of Pagan Mysticism

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The illuminated Our Lady of Chartres cathedral, France (kovalenkovpetr / Adobe Stock)

The Allure Of Chartres Cathedral, An Aura Of Pagan Mysticism

Researchers say the celebrated Chartres Cathedral encodes lost information on the Knights Templar, the Ark of the Covenant, sacred geometry, alchemy and numerology. Innumerable books and articles have been written about this medieval cathedral. Fifty miles south-east of Paris, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres still stands as one of the most venerated and studied medieval cathedrals of Europe. University libraries have stacks of shelves filled with scholarly tomes studying every detail of its construction, while New Age bookstores stock volumes on its many mysteries.

Vintage engraving of Chartres Cathedral ( Morphart / Adobe Stock)

Vintage engraving of Chartres Cathedral ( Morphart / Adobe Stock)

Logistics Of Chartres Cathedral

Fortunately for historians this architectural masterpiece has survived almost intact for over nine centuries. Since it is not located in a major or industrial city, the church has escaped serious defacement, revolutions, WW II bombs and misguided restorers. The Gothic cathedral is especially important because it retains much of its medieval structure, its 12th-century west façade, its interior sculpture and 150 of its precious stained-glass windows.

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