Did the Ancients Communicate with Worlds Unknown? Dowsing for Origins in Quantum Reality

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 Artistic rendering of Quantum Particles, man performing as a shaman (Public Domain); Deriv.

Did the Ancients Communicate with Worlds Unknown? Dowsing for Origins in Quantum Reality

Who are we?  Where did we come from?  How did we evolve to be the way we are?

Traditionally, we tend to answer these questions by aligning ourselves with one of three different camps:

The Religious Camp:  These are the folks who refer all answers to the mysterious mind of a God who lives outside our perception realm.  Faith, not understanding, is their watchword. 

The Agnostic Camp:  For these people, the mystery is beyond our grasp.  Because we lack definitive answers we must be open to all possibilities.

The Scientific Camp:  These are the ones who seek to probe the very depths of the material universe.  Their search has led them all the way to the tiniest particles of matter, but their tools won't work once you pass the boundaries of materialism, so if anything exists outside those boundaries it must remain a mystery.

Searching for Answers

Most of us identify with parts of all these positions.  We may substitute "spiritual" for "religious."  We might respect the great mystery of existence but lack the desire or skills to travel down paths that could lead to answers.  We may be thrilled to read about biological breakthroughs but not possess the temperament and education for the exacting work they entail.  So, is it any wonder that we sometimes throw up our hands in frustration and choose to ignore origin questions that, in reality, affect us very deeply?

What if there were a way to probe these great mysteries in the security of our own homes, free from the dogmas of religion, the frustration of philosophical arguments that seem to lead nowhere, and the complex math of the theoretical physicist?

There may be just such a way, but it will require a little time and effort.  It is available to everyone, has a long and honorable track record of success, is inexpensive, and fun, to boot!  It's called dowsing.

Moving Beyond Worlds in Quantum Reality

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