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Sumerian Etana Translated As Biblical Enoch

The Biblical Enoch corresponds to a remarkable degree with the figure of Etana in Sumerian tradition. It seems reasonable to assume that they belong to the same original tradition handed down in the stories about Enoch and those about Etana, respectively. Their stories are, in fact, not the only ones showing close agreement between stories from Sumerian tradition and stories from biblical tradition. 

The Myth of Etana. Seal impression of the Akkadian Empire period. (Public Domain)

The Myth of Etana. Seal impression of the Akkadian Empire period. (Public Domain)

Students of ancient history have observed that there are many distinct correspondences between the ancient Sumerian and biblical traditions. It has been suggested that the Mesopotamian material found in the biblical Book of Genesis belongs to a common tradition that could be tracked back to Sumer. According to the Bible, the principal patriarch of Israel, Abraham, lived in Sumer before migrating to Harran and from there on to Canaan. In the Bible the land of Sumer is called Shinar and some biblical stories are located and play out there.

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