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The Nightmare John Henry Fuseli (1781) (Public Domain)

Ireland’s Hidden Animals and Shadow People

Just when one thinks everything that could possibly be said about monsters had been vocalized at least 1,000 times over, comes a fresh approach to the marvelous world of hidden animals and shadow people in Ireland. For decades, many scholars have criticized ‘belief’ as being a highly-misleading discipline, not only distorting one religion into another, but it is argued that beliefs are one of the key reasons that so many nations have marched to war over the years. Contrary to the religious world, science functions without any requirement for its practitioners to hold beliefs, which is why it would be a mistake to petition open believers of Bigfoot type primates roaming North American forests, or an Ice Age serpent inhabiting a certain Scottish Loch, or a reported mysterious creature said to inhabit the Lakes of Killarney in Ireland, when one is one the hunt for hidden animals and shadow people.

Loch Ness Monster by Hugo Heikenwaelder (1999) (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Loch Ness Monster by Hugo Heikenwaelder (1999) (CC BY-SA 2.5)

 However, Irish presenters Rob Billington and Eamonn O'Neill offer a more practical approach by exploring tales from world mythology and folklore, leaning heavily on themes relating to cryptozoology, the paranormal and UFO encounters. Each narrative is broken up with humorous detours and they often branch into more serious issues like the possible mental health conditions that might underlie many of the most bizarre reports of monsters, ghosts and demons.

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