The End is Nigh, Scotland’s Magic Isle of Salvation

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Saint Columba converting King Brude of the Picts to Christianity by William Hole (1899) (Public Domain)

The End is Nigh, Scotland’s Magic Isle of Salvation

A curious Old Gaelic prophecy is listed in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, January 1853, which originated in the west coast of Scotland or Ireland and its meaning has eluded explanation for over 1,000 years. However, a chink in its armor offers the researcher an enchanting line of enquiry into early Celtic Christian cosmology and religion. The prophecy reads:

”Seven years before the end of the world, a deluge shall drown the nations: the sea at one tide shall cover Ireland and the green-headed Islay. But Columba’s Isle shall swim above the flood.”

Ten centuries of Celtic bards have attempted to decode the meaning of this ancient flood prophecy with ‘Celtic Christian’ reasoning, yet it remains cryptic. The big question is: “Why was Columba’s Isle isolated as the ‘island to swim above’ the prophesied flood rather than any other of the thousands of similar islands off the west coast of Scotland?

The Legend of Saint Columba

This question is heavily loaded, and it essentially acts as a key to this tightly locked mystery. An approach with a little esoteric, a tad more metaphysical and a heap more than a Judeo-Christian outlook, may deliver the answer, beginning with an investigation of the raw data provided in the prophecy such as the island’s name.

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