Most Likely Locations for Lost Lemuria

The Lost Continent of Lemuria or Mu, (used interchangeably) has long lived under the shadow of its more well-known relation, Atlantis. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that for a brief moment in history, Lemuria gained a greater acceptance within the scientific and scholarly community. In fact, Lemuria was not originally an idea originating from the occult world, or from lost Ancient Egyptian sources as was Plato’s Atlantis, but from the minds of leading scientific thinkers.

Ideal Landscape of Lemuria.—Drawn by Riou from  Ridpath's history of the world; being an account of the ethnic origin, primitive estate, early migrations, social conditions and present promise of the principal families of men (1897) (Public Domain)

Lemurian Footprints Crossing the Pacific?

In the 19th century, just when Darwin’s theory of evolution had achieved widespread acceptance, zoologists and evolutionary biologists observed a curious phenomenon: Across Madagascar, India, and the islands of the Pacific - lands separated by hundreds of miles of impassable oceans - lemurs were encountered.

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