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Phallic megalith covered with glyphs and author in the Pohnpaid meadow (Image © 1992 Carole Nervig)

Glyphs Upon A Stone Altar: The Petroglyphs Of Mu

Awareness of Nan Madol as a world class archaeological site has grown exponentially over the last decade, especially since achieving World Heritage Site status in 1996. Constructed upon an offshore reef of Pohnpei Island, Federated States of Micronesia, it is arguably the largest archaeological complex in the equatorial Pacific. Yet its comprehensive function remains basically an enigma to this day, opening the field up to controversial opining of alternative history pundits, complicated by the scarcity of archaeological reports on its physical attributes and components. However, a number of answers to Nan Madol’s mysteries may lie hidden in the jungle of a nearby megalithic site.

The islands in the Pacific Ocean divided into three major groups. Pohnpei is in Micronesia. (Public Domain)

A little over two miles (three kilometers) as the crow flies from Nan Madol, hundreds of virtually unknown petroglyphs and monoliths are to be found at the astounding megalithic site of Pohnpaid in the district of Madolenihmw. This site provides a wealth of unmined new evidence, notably unpublished glyphs, archaeologically distinct and culturally ‘out of place’ in terms of their astronomical and sophisticated esoteric motifs, that challenge conventional Pacific history with their archetypical motifs.

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