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Depiction of Rasputin in the Basement of the Jusupov Palace on the Moika in St. Petersburg. (Allan Fetherolf / adobe stock)

Rasputin: The Rise And Fall Of The Charismatic Thaumaturge

Gregory Efimovich Rasputin was a country man with course manners and an immoderate passion for women and wine, a charismatic personality, a mystic with healing abilities and the scapegoat for the Russian empire. He is a legend. He was born in Pokrovskoe, in the Tjumen region, where there is a museum today, dedicated by Vladimir and Marina Smirnov to the most ‘legendary of Russians’.

Pokrovskoe in 1912 (Public Domain)

Pokrovskoe in 1912 (Public Domain)

Rasputin’s Early Years

His date of birth, as well as other elements of his life, has long been the subject of controversy. The majority of authors, including the Smirnovs, currently converge on January 1869. At the registry office of the district where Pokrovskoe is located, Mr Smirnov discovered a note dated January 9, 1869 from father Titov who wrote in his own hand: “In the village of Pokrovskoe in the family of the farmer Efim Iakovlevich Rasputin and his wife, both of Orthodox faith, their son Rasputin was born”.

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