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Carved metallic plates from Father Crespi’s collection of the Tayos Caves strewn on the floor in a dilapidated old building. Credit:

The Elusive Metal Library of the Tayos Caves

Legend has it that a metal library, containing valuable plates of inscriptions, recording an ancient history of some 250 000 years ago, written by an advanced previous civilization, is hidden in the Tayos Caves, in the Amazon forest of the Morona Santiago province, Ecuador. Sharing his more than 30 years of research into the Tayos Caves as well as his own explorations, author and filmmaker Alex Chionetti examines the legends and mysteries associated with this site and the explorers who have ventured within.

Crypthorse sculpture (Image: Courtesy Alex Chionetti)

Crypthorse sculpture (Image: Courtesy Alex Chionetti)

The Cuevas de los Tayos is one of the longest cave systems in South America and remained unexplored for a half century after the first reports of its existence in 1860.  Despite so much noise about it since the 1970s, the inexplicable architectural marvels of the caves were poorly documented against the background of a plethora of legends which resist evaporation. Endeavoring to bring the Tayos cave system to the attention of the most prestigious institutions of scientific exploration was a 10-year journey wrought with apathy and controversy, conspiracy, disappointment and despair for Chionetti.

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