Yeti Seeking the Yeti in the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods

Concordia, the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods

Yeti Seeking the Yeti in the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods

Between China and Russia and the Indian subcontinent lies a formidable mountain complex, sculptured by Asia’s six major mountain systems. Nowhere else on earth will one find such a treacherous and perpendicular barrier to cross than this almost polar region with its icy windswept peaks. Within these chaotic mountain systems lies the Karakorams, probably the mightiest of them all. Enclosing three of the world’s six highest mountains, the Karakorams is known as the ‘Throne Room of the Mountain Gods’.  The region from the Pamir and Hindu Kush in the west to the eastern Himalayas was still a blank on the map by the late 1800s.

Illustration of a mythical Yeti upon descriptions from Desmond Doig and sir Edmond Hillary. (Public Domain)  

Ancient Religious Rumors of the Yeti

The first known people to cross the Himalayas were Buddhist monks that travelled from China to India in the fifth and sixth centuries. Despite their strange tales of monsters, the snow Yeti and haunted lakes, they have however not been of any help regarding reliable routes taken or their description of the monsters they encountered.

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