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Secret Places of Ancient Shamans in the Americas
Thursday August 3, 2017 4:00pm EST
by Paul Devereux
Secret Places of Ancient Shamans in the Americas

Join author and researcher Paul Devereux in a journey across many parts of the Ancient Americas that he has studied. In this AO Premium Talk to an Expert Chat, Paul will show us mysterious landscape markings and features (some rarely photographed previously) left by ancient Native American shamans. We will see highly secret and very mysterious features in the wilderness of Death Valley, strange boulder patterns (“petroforms”) in Manitoba that are still venerated by First Nations people, giant ground effigies (“geoglyphs”) on an ancient Yuman Indian pilgrimage trail in the Colorado River Valley, old Native American vision quest sites, 300ft-long earthen effigies of Plains Indian shamans, mystery ‘roads’ and curious desert lines left by long-ago shamans and ritualists, and more.

These features raise many questions (and you may ask them!) and Paul will say what is currently known about them.

Paul Devereux BA, FRSA, is one of the pioneers of what used to be called ‘earth mysteries’, a field that later morphed into ‘ancient mysteries’ and other terminology, having worked in the subject area for over four decades. Paul has authored 27 books and has written many dozens of articles for both popular and academic publications.  His main areas of research interest and involvement include multi-perspective studies of ancient sacred places and landscapes, the exploration of sound at archaeological sites (‘archaeoacoustics’), unexplained aerial phenomena (which he terms ‘earth lights’), the use of altered mind states by ancient peoples, along with general consciousness studies (including a major program of dreamwork at ancient sites). 

Paul Devereux is author of Mysterious Ancient America - an investigation into the enigmas of Americas pre-history   | Paul

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Changing the View on Human History
Tuesday June 20, 2017 4:00pm EST
by Willem Witteveen
The Library of Giza: Ancient Knowledge Enters the Modern World

Changing the View on Human History

The Great Pyramid of Giza is not only the best known, but also the most enigmatic structure on our planet. It has been studied, measured and illustrated for more than 200 years. Yet no one can say with any certainty why it exists. Willem Witteveen joins Ancient Origins Premium in a premiere Talk to an Expert Chat to introduce a theory about its original function to demonstrate just how important the Great Pyramid is to our understanding of the modern world, widening the context in which we can now view this spectacular icon.

Its purpose was much more powerful than has previously been imagined and was closely associated with the five earthly elements, the five earthly elements responsible for creation.

Willem includes the work of great researchers like Tesla, Schauberger and Puharich.  The creation of the Great Pyramid and other pyramids was far stranger than we have considered. Thanks to Willem's latest book, the ancient knowledge contained in the Great Pyramid now enters the modern world.  This story will probably change your view on human history.

Willem Witteveen (1957) studied nautical sciences and engineering, then spent 15 years as a navigational officer on merchant vessels, followed by 25 years as a maritime pilot in the Port of Rotterdam. His background in navigational sciences, together with his worldwide travels to many different countries, inspired a lifelong interest in ancient civilisations, ancient documents and ancient writers.

Finally, back on shore, he is now a full-time researcher and is currently focused on Ancient Egypt and its corresponding connections to human history. He is author of The Great Pyramid of Giza: A Modern View on Ancient Knowledge  |

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Columbus: False Last Will of 1498 and other Frauds Exposed
Friday May 19, 2017 5:00pm EST
by Manuel Rosa
Columbus: False Last Will of 1498 and other Frauds Exposed

For centuries, historians have based their theory that Columbus was born in Genoa from a statement in his Last Will that reads, “being I born in Genoa…” However, this document is a forgery created some 80 years after Columbus died!

Come learn:

  • Why was this false Last Will of 1498 created?
  • Who was responsible for the fraud?
  • How did the Spanish Tribunal react to its presentation in court?

And discovery why historians still cling to this fraudulent piece of Columbus history.

Manuel Rosa , author of Columbus: The Untold Story (5-Star review winner and winner of the 2017 IPA AWARDis a Portuguese-American, investigative historian and author who emigrated from the Azores to the Boston area in 1973. He currently lives in North Carolina and works at Duke University’s Cancer Institute. Manuel Rosa is regarded as the world's foremost authority on Columbus.  Join us for this much-anticipated Talk to an Expert chat!

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Magick - The International Language of Religion
Tuesday April 11, 2017 4:00pm EST
by Mogg Morgan
Magick - The International Language of Religion

There was no word for “religion” in Ancient Egypt. What we call religion was obviously for them a natural state, something so self-evidently human that it did not require a special word. If the Egyptians had had a word for religion it might have been ‘magick’.

In his premier Talk to an Expert Chat with Ancient Origins Premium, researcher and author Mogg Morgan joins us to speak on Magick — the international language of religion, from its origins in Egypt and Asia to its modern re-imagining.

Mogg Morgan is a respected independent scholar, former Wellcome student, and holder of an advanced degree in Oriental Studies from University of Oxford.

He is the author of several books on Egypt, specializing in folk religion, ritual calendars and the “archaeological memory” encoded in the religions of post pharaonic Egypt.  He is also an Indologist, interested in the philosophy and technology of India, especially Ayurvedic medicine, and folk magic traditions.

Learn more in his book “Phi-Neter: The Power of the Egyptian Gods”, and at his website Astro Egypt - Khemetic research & Sky Religion

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The Secret Mounds and Mathematics of Ancient Giants: Uncovering Forbidden Zones
Tuesday February 28, 2017 6:00pm EST
by Fritz Zimmerman
The Secret Mounds and Mathematics of Ancient Giants: Uncovering Forbidden Zones

Across the Ohio Valley landscape are the ruins of ancient burial mounds and geometric earthworks aligned to solar, lunar and astrological events. Within many of the burial mounds were the skeletal remains of an ancient race of giants with primitive-looking skulls. The geometric earthworks reveal that complex mathematics were used in their construction. The solar temples, best described as henges, are identical to those found in the British Isles and Germany that were constructed by the Beaker People. Their conical burial mounds, like those in Ohio, were surrounded by an earthwork or moat.

Their skeletons were also equally tall with the same primitive countenance. Is there a connection?

In this intriguing Talk to an Expert chat with AO Premium, author and researcher Fritz Zimmerman will compare burial mound types, earthworks and skulls from the British Isles and the Ohio Valley.  Also, Early and Middle Age Bronze weapons technology from Mesopotamia and the Great Lakes Copper Culture will be examined and compared showing similar and simultaneous advancements. A numerical codex called Gematria is also evident within the lengths of many of the Ohio works that is not believed to be a serendipitous coincidence.

Fritz will also highlight some of largest burial mounds and earthworks in the Ohio Valley that have been listed as "Address Restricted" by archaeologists.  This veil of secrecy has been removed in his "Travel Guide," making the location of these ancient sites public for the first time.

Fritz Zimmerman is the author of "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley" Ten years of fieldwork exploring over 700 mound and earthwork sites in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan, resulting in the discovery of 222 locations where these ancient ruins can be visited.  Many of these sites were photographed for the first time that includes directions to this heretofore unknown ancient world, and published in "The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley”.  The latest book has 888 accounts of giant skeletons in "The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America."

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Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh: A Different View
Tuesday January 10, 2017 6:00pm EST
by Ted Loukes
Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh: A Different View

Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh, took on the might of the priesthood of Amun-Ra; and, enforced by the military, temples were shut down, and the names of the gods were hacked out from statues and inscriptions the length and breadth of Egypt. All the gods were banned and everyone had to worship the Aten. Akhenaten and his family, more concerned about their new religion, left the empire unprotected and weakened – an ineffectual king more interested in poetry and nature rather than ruling. Statues and inscriptions depict Akhenaten and his family with long thin necks, sloping foreheads and elongated skulls, and this has led to claims that the king suffered from various disorders—or even that he was female. An ugly misshapen man struggling with his own mental and physical abnormalities. This is the story that most history books will tell you, but is it true?

Ted Loukes, independent researcher in the field of ancient civilizations, will pull back the curtain on the history of the ‘Heretic Pharoh’ in his fascinating premier Talk with an Expert chat with Ancient Origins Premium.

Ted has been on a voyage of discovery for over forty years, questioning man's origins by digging through ancient texts, inscriptions, myths and legends. He is author of the book Moses and Akhenaten: Brothers in Alms, and you can learn more at his website:

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The Norns: Goddesses of Fate
Tuesday December 13, 2016 3:00pm EST
by Vincent Ongkowidjojo
The Norns: Goddesses of Fate

The Norns are the goddesses of fate in Norse mythology. But more often than not they appear in the human world. Myth, saga, folktale and archaeological evidence gives us a clear idea who these women really were.

In his premier Talk to an Expert Chat, Ancient Origins guest author Vincent Ongkowidjojo discusses the legendary Norns, strange and powerful seers, women of prophesy, and their place in Norse myth.  

“There travelled about the land seeresses which were called visionary women and could prophesy people’s life span. That is why people invited them into their homes and made feasts for them and gave them gifts at parting. My father did the same and they came to his place with a band of men, and should prophesy my destiny.”

Vincent is the author of Secrets of Asgard (Mandrake, 2011) and Doors of Valhalla (Mandrake, 2016). His works have always been described as well-written and ground-breaking.

You can find out more about Norse history and mythology in his Ancient Origins article: The Northern Mysteries Current: Futhark and Mystery Schools of the Viking Age” and he has written for AO Premium on The Nine Worlds of Norse mythology, and the Origins of Runes, Symbols and Magic.

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The New History of the Appalachian Mountains: Introducing the Lost Tribe of Clover Hollow
Monday November 28, 2016 7:00pm EST
by David Miller
The New History of the Appalachian Mountains: Introducing the Lost Tribe of Clover Hollow

Ancient cultural influences detected at Clover Hollow in the Appalachian Mountains include strange and mystical stone alignments. Facing each other across Sinking Creek are two rock outcroppings that stand there like the piers of a gate. Carvings found on rock formations at the site seem to be very anthropomorphic in style and design, and ‘petroglyphs of the broad type,’ as an archaeologist has suggested. Could this be evidence for an ancient civilization of unknown origins deep in the Appalachian Mountains? These mountains are ten times older than for example the Andes, where numerous ancient cultures like Ollantaytambo, Saksayhuaman, and Machu Picchu, overlook a much newer Urubamba River Valley. Could it be true that one of the oldest civilizations on Earth once thrived in the Appalachian region of North America?

In his premier Talk to an Expert Chat, Ancient Origins guest author David Miller discusses the initial discovery of the Native American trail and the petroglyphs that surround it. Miller documented the initial discovery on film, and warns about a proposed pipeline and the potential disaster it would create for the site.

David Miller is author of the book The Sibold Effect: Beyond Science, History, Ghosts, and the Appalachian Supernatural, and you can find out more about the Clover Hollow discoveries in his Ancient Origins articles: The Lost Tribe of Clover Hollow – Oldest Civilization in the World Found in Appalachian Mountains?” and Stone Panels of Clover Hollow --Wondrous Freaks of Nature or Cryptic Messages from the Ancient Past?”

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They Might Be Giants: Carl Baugh’s Hyperbaric Atmosphere
Friday October 21, 2016 5:00pm EST
by Brady Yoon
They Might Be Giants: Carl Baugh’s Hyperbaric Atmosphere, with Brady Yoon

Ancient Origins guest writer and expert Brady Yoon will return to discuss the research of Carl Baugh. Baugh is an independent researcher who has discovered a remarkable biological phenomenon: increasing the atmospheric pressure causes an organism to develop to a greater adult body size. Moreover, Baugh has demonstrated that this relationship between air pressure and adult body size holds not just for a single organism, but across species that are only distantly related. However, Baugh’s experiments, and the conclusions he drew from have largely been rejected by academia. In this webinar, Brady Yoon will present theories and the profound implications that Baugh’s research could have on our understanding of the ancient past. Perhaps, in due time, Baugh’s experiments will be regarded as one of the greatest biological experiments ever performed, on par with the experiments of Mendel and the discoveries of Darwin.

Brady Yoon is a software engineer and writer who researches lost civilizations and other ancient mysteries in his spare time. He has presented his work at CPAK 2014 and with Ancient Origins Premium.

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World Mummification
Saturday October 8, 2016 7:30pm EST
by Dr. Ken Jeremiah
World Mummification

Join History Channel personality Dr. Ken Jeremiah for a Chat with an Expert on June 28th at 7:30 ET.  Ken has written numerous books, including Living Buddhas, Christian Mummification, and Eternal Remains. 

He will be leading a conversation about the religious and spiritual beliefs that make bodily preservation necessary in worldwide cultures.  It is entitled World Mummification and the Beliefs that Make it Necessary.  Many topics will be covered, including Europe’s bog bodies, the mummification of Christian saints, the amazing process of Japanese self-mummification, and the Jivaro practice of shrinking heads.

Mummies, whether they were naturally or artificially preserved, fascinate the living.  Their existence causes humans to ponder the past, and to consider their own inevitable deaths.  While researching the reasons behind mummification, it becomes clear that despite apparent cultural differences, human beings are alike.  Their ideas concerning life and death are also similar, if not downright the same.  From indigenous tribes in the Americas that smoke dry their leaders, to Europeans who preserve and then dismember holy bodies, the underlying reasons are universal.  Attendees will discuss the ultimate significance of life and death based upon worldwide practices and beliefs.  It should be an interesting and inspiring session.  We hope you can join us!

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