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Aaronne Colagrossi was born in Campobasso in 1980.  Since childhood he has nurtured a deep passion for nature in all its forms, in particular for dinosaurs and sharks, the mysterious creatures of the sea. He obtained a degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Molise with a thesis in geological survey and paleontology, which proved to be a turning point in his future career as a fiction author. The border between Abruzzo and Molise, is very rich in shark tooth fossils. His first novel, entitled Megalodon the perfect predator (2012), was inspired by the immense amount of data concerning the fossil sharks of central Italy.


He has always combined his passion for science with his passion for history, in particular for the long and complex history of piracy in the East and West Indies, both from a nautical and technical as well as geopolitical and geographic point of view. His book Pirati Socco Scacco/Pirates in Check explores the adventures of the pirates of the Caribbean in 1665. He is also the author of several other books on paleontology, available on Amazon.


His passion for nature, geology, animals and photography, lead him to travel extensively in Europe and Africa, as well as to obtain diving qualifications and offshore sailing. He is an adventure guide for diving among the islands of the Red Sea, tent safari in the Kalahari desert, sailing on the Okavango river delta, cross-driving Namibia, part of Botswana and Zimbabwe and to see his beloved creatures at sea, as well as an expedition to South Africa, to admire the great white shark, protected by an anti-shark cage.


Main Website, books and articles www.aaronnecolagrossi.com

Amazon author page https://www.amazon.it/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B01N9IYCKI

Safari guide https://exploraexpedition.com/

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