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Armando Mei is researcher in pre-dynastic Egyptology, born in Turin in 1967. He worked on many research projects that were the seed for his first book (italian version): "36.420 a.C - Le Piramidi Satellite ed il Codice Segreto", foreworded by Ph.D. Lloyd Knutson (Entomologist-Scientist). The book describes a new proposal concerning the Pyramids of Giza. He was speaker at International Conference on Ancient Studies, Zayed University, Dubai in 2010. He wrote several articles on the quests on Ancient Civilizations. In 2012, he published two researches on the Pyramids of Visoko (Bosnia):
1) Astronomical correlation between monuments and the Arch of Orion, fixed in 36,420 BC;
2) Investigation on Enigmatic stone found in Ravne Tunnel, reproducing  an ancient astronomical map much more older than 100,000 years ago.
In october 2013, co-authored by Semir Osmanagich, the book (italian version): "Visoko: La Scienza occulta delle Piramidi". The book tells about last discoveries in the Bosnian Valley.
In 2014, the latest book: “Il Segreto degli Dèi”, he proposed the last results of his researches, he tells about the uncovering of the Original Project of Giza.
In 2016 he co-authored the book “Unveiling the ancient mysteries”, publisher Ancient Origins. This eBook is a compilation of EXCLUSIVE articles written for Ancient Origins by authors, researchers, and experts from a variety of different fields. The book explores the most enduring mysteries from our ancient past, and presents new theories to unravel the truth behind some of the most perplexing artifacts, places, and figures from the ancient world. In 2016, he published the book "Ancient Mysteries", a collection of Author's articles published by the main specialized magazines, with the aim to give more tools to unveil the enigmas of the distant Past.

Read Armando's fulle profile here.

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