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Elyn Aviva (neé Ellen Feinberg), Ph.D., M.Div., is an independent researcher specializing in sacred sites, powerful places, comparative religion, and pilgrimage. Her Ph.D. (Princeton University 1985) was the first dissertation in cultural anthropology documenting the contemporary pilgrimage on the Spanish Camino de Santiago, which she first walked in 1982. Her book, Following the Milky Way, now in its second edition, was the first modern travel narrative by an American about walking the French Way. It describes what the Camino was like in 1982, before it became so popular. Elyn has walked the Camino several times and has also walked the French pilgrimage route from Le Puy en Velay to the Pyrenees.

Elyn is the author of numerous articles and over a dozen books, including novels based on the themes of pilgrimage and quest. She is a long-time student of geomancy, dowsing, kabbalah, and related arts. Along with her husband, Gary White, Elyn is co-author of the transformational-travel guidebook series, “Powerful Places,” written for travellers who want to experience more deeply the locations they visit. She is also co-author, with Ferran Blasco, of  Where Heaven and Earth Unite: Powerful Places, Sacred Sites, and You,  a series of in-depth interviews that explores how megaliths, labyrinths, churches, and other sacred locations utilize telluric and solar energies. Her latest novel, Melita’s Quest for the Grail, was published in Summer 2020. Elyn and Gary moved to Spain in 2009; they currently are experiencing life back in the US. 

More information on her publications is available on the Facebook page Elyn Aviva Writes and at www.PilgrmsProcess.com. Many of Elyn’s articles can be found at www.yourlifeisatrip/home/author/elynaviva

Powerful Places in Malta provides detailed descriptions of specifically selected powerful places. It also gives background information and an overview of the controversies, conflicts, and conspiracies that swirl around many of Malta’s ancient sacred sites. In addition, it includes first-hand experiences and practical suggestions on how to turn casual tourism into transformational travel.

Malta is a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Its gigantic stone temples are among the oldest free-standing monuments in the world—earlier than Stonehenge, earlier than the Great Pyramid at Giza. They are also unique in construction and floorplan. What is their relationship to the sun and stars? Why are there so many? Are the temples and the so-called Fat Lady statues evidence of ancient Goddess worship? What about the mysterious cart-ruts that crisscross the limestone plateaus? What are they? Was the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum only an underground mausoleum, or was it also used for initiations and dream incubation? These are just some of the questions we explore.


Gary White

Gary White, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University, where he was a professor of music theory and a successful composer. He is author of a number of college-level music theory textbooks. After his (early) retirement in 1994, he began studying geomancy and dowsing, and over the years he has taught people dowsing and dowsed at many sites in Europe and the US. He established Pilgrims Process Publishers, which has published over 30 books by different authors on a variety of subjects, including sacred sites, pilgrimage, and fiction. He has co-authored with his wife, Elyn Aviva, a series of eight books under the general title of “Powerful Places in . . .” The series includes: Powerful Places in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Catalonia, Brittany, the Caminos de Santiago, and Malta. His most recent publication is an introduction to dowsing: The Dowsing Mind - Into the Multi-Dimensional Realms and Back. For more information, go to www.PilgrimsProcess.com

White also blogs at www.FandangoLife.com and www.YourLifeisaTrip.com.


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