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Mark Rose-Christie, is academically a sociologist, a professional TV/film-maker, theatrical producer/director, entertainer & illusionist, as well as being South Africa's leading paranormalist, his work appearing in several ghost books.

As a sociologist he lectured at the University of Port Elizabeth (today NMMU), and continued studying at Rhodes University, whilst also producing the shark movie “White Death” (a parody of the movie “Jaws”), plus magazine programs for the launch of the SATV-2 Xhosa-Zulu channel back in its day in South Africa, under the mentorship of the late Bill Faure. 

Due to a road accident in 1999, Mark prematurely launched the Mystery Ghost Bus of South Africa in 2001, a concept which he had devised in 1988, and based on the original London Ghost Bus - except that the Mystery Ghost Bus of South Africa is a 'Theatre-On-Wheels' production. The production remains unparalleled to date in that it offers more than any other known ghost production in the world.

The Mystery Ghost Bus runs Public events monthly in the major cities of Johannesburg & Pretoria, and sporadically in Cape Town, Durban & Port Elizabeth, South Africa, having become the longest running ‘production-on-wheels’ in the country, and winning the esteemed International Luxury Travel Guide Awards three years in a row.


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